Pauline Hanson is Almost BAAAAAACCCKKKKK

Mike Welsh

Pauline Hanson joined me on my Canberra drive-time radio program for two days in February 2012. At the time she was at a loose end and looking for a new career. She’d decided her political life was over.

The mere mention she was doing the 2CC Drive garnered media mentions across the nation .

MW and PaulineThe professional politician had hinted she’d like to have a crack at Talk Radio so I cheekily rang her and suggested I could assist in the process.

She readily agreed, and after quickly negotiating a surprisingly small fee Pauline Hanson confidently rocked up for her radio audition.

I first met her in Port Macquarie in late 1996 as she sensationally swept through her adoring heartland of disaffected voters.

I don’t know what it is but there is something about this plain speaking and barmaid-ishly attractive “ginger” from Queensland.

Right from the start Pauline Hanson posed such a threat to the status quo of Australian politics, that a skilled political head kicker by the name of Anthony Abbott, was dispatched north to “bring to an end” the noise PM John Howard had heard and recognised as a serious danger to his newly minted government. Mission accomplished. Hanson went to prison.

tone 5

A slowish fast-forward to the political bunfight of today, with the political fortunes of the head-kicker Abbott now hanging by threads, while Pauline Hanson, after a period out of the elected representative scene is hanging in for another shot at politics in the state parliament of her native Queensland after resurrecting her One Nation party.



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